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Soil to Oil

Specializing in whole plant extracts, customizable distillation products, raw bio-active oils and subzero storage solutions.

As science uncovers more research leading to conclusions that show the highly health beneficial components of plant oil based compounds, the demand from consumers has created an ever increasing market opportunity.
What modern farmers used to consider common harvest waste material is now being viewed and used as valuable components of the crop to be dedicated to extraction. These solvent soluble fractions of the plant cell matrix are now being shown to be equal or higher in value to the actual harvest crop.


Bio-Mass Analysis
Before essential oil creation, all the bio mass is pre- screened for quality and comes with a Certificate of Analysis for not only the raw product but also the concentrated materials as well. This is possible using ArcataX’s in-house micro-extraction techniques:
  1. Raw Material Sample
  2. Micro-extracted sample from raw material
  3. Final product sample for finish testing


Crude Reduction
The whole plant extraction technique takes all soluble botanical compounds and concentrates them down to a ratio that ranges anywhere between 8:1 or 15:1 depending on the potency of starting material.
This final crude product, which is the fastest and lowest cost service, offers flexibility for other manufacturers to further refine, package, and create desired products


Distillation Process
Distillation, the second technique and service that ArcataX provides, will refine the whole plant concentrate by removing waxes and lipids rendering a highly concentrated and potentially customizable blend.


SubZero Storage
For the utmost quality, fresh botanical material can be put straight into a deep freeze, concentrated within a few days, and transferred to the appropriate party all ensuring the highest quality along the way.


Logistics + Support
Our staff is ready to discuss logistics and scheduling a processing slot – get started or send us an email.


Waste Upcycling
This material after undergoing certain processes may be offered as a nutrient or soil conditioner back to the soil, ideally from the soil that it came from originally.  This of course benefits farmers, soil fertility/ bio-diversity, and future raw material quality.

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